StewMac Tuner Pin Drill Jig


Epic Member
I've seen several posts in the past about the lack of good templates for Sperzel and other tuners requiring guide/locking pin holes to be drilled under the machine head itself, just noticed this new item on the StewMac website:

Supposed to work for Fender, Schaller and Sperzel tuners, but at $30 may not be practical if you're just doing one axe....

Ordered one, will let the board know if it rocks or sucks....
For $30, and one axe... seems VERY practical, compared to getting the hole not lined up, tuners looking all kattywhumpus, having to plug and redrill holes... etc etc etc.  That said, you can made one out of some home depot aluminum, and once it make it CORRECTLY, it will spot mark many holes before wearing out.  Heck, make it out of steel and it'll last forever (but be a little harder to make).