Stephen's Cutaway


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I think it would be cool to offer necks and bodies with the Stephen's cutaway like the Washburn N guitars. Dunno if that is possible to due to licensing or not though.
????? what's special about it?  i'm guessing you're talkin bout the big chunk on the top horn????
Have you seen the back of the neck?


Mainly I was suggesting it because I'd like a new neck for one of my guitars, a Washburn Nx3
I can understand wanting a replacement neck for your N guitar, but honestly I personally think that cut away and guitar in particular is just a bunch of 90's hype, tonally it actually has less wood to wood and string vibration transfer than probably any other guitar made, thats the whole reason why so many blues guitarist gear towards the Strat, mainly because thier tone fanatics and single coil pickups really reflect the overall tone of the guitar itself, not to mention its about as tried and true as can be possible, though the Warmoth contoured heel seems to offer the advantage your talking about and still retain as much strength and wood to wood contact as possible.

And If maximum fret reach is the goal, then theres the Soloist, If a guy using the Soloist Body and a contoured heel isn't happy with that reach, he would obviously be in search of a very unique guitar and should probably be looking to Custom builders for something more. (though I can't imagine the frets not being accessible enough with that combo) .

Can you imagine? "Hey Yngwie, too bad ya don't have better reach on them upper frets, I think you would be a better player????"  HUH???...................One word.....STRAT!!!!!!.......21frets?????   go figure.........

As far as a rounded heel, how much work would it really be for a guy to buy an unfinished body with the Warmoth cut away or even a traditional one for that matter, and round it himself?????
On a second note, using inserts instead of a neck plate is actually less advantageous from a tonal standpoint, as like stated, the pressure isn't evenly or as strongly applied to the neck / body joint.

They built the Strat back in a time when things were built to survive the test of time and in doing so, created a legacy that has done just that, that is exactly why all the things in regard to heel joint discussed here have minimal appeal to the masses, thus making it a very costly option that financially probably dosn't make sense from a buisness stand point for a company like Warmoth, not to say (who knows the future) that Warmoth won't offer these things down the road, but if you looked at how many people would actually order these options compared to how much special attention would have to be given to the small number of orders for those options, well it just dosn't make sense.

On the plus side all these things discussed in relation to the heel joint are easily done by a guy with average skills, so there really is no need to fret over it, as alot of people who buy from Warmoth (myself included) have to do alot of the work ourselves to Customize our axes as we would like them.

But hey thats what the Suggestion Box is for right????  Wish away and see what comes for Christmas........ :toothy10: