Staggered inline locking tuners?



Does any company make them? I need them for my Strat build, and I desperately hate string trees.
I don't know if this'll help, but I used these on my first W Strat and didn't have to use a string tree. Although, they cost less when I got them a year ago.,_solid_peghead_tuners/Gotoh_Locking_Vintage_Oval_Knob_Tuners.html

Good luck with the search.
I know someone makes them, they probably all do, But to tell you the truth, I have used regular tuners on all my guitars, without string trees, with great success. I think the secret is to have a well prepared nut, Some of my builds have  locking nuts, the others are just Warmoth prepared corian nuts, never any problems.

String trees are installed on a lot of over the shelf guitars, just as a precaution, just like action is set high on a lot of guitars , just for a buffer.
If you can do your own setup, and can recognize when and why a guitar string is jumping out of the nut, then you install a tree. But otherwise, don't do it.
i believe sperzel, schaller and wilkinson all offer staggered inline locking tuners.