spruce top

Bill in SC

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Anyone here have a spruce top on their build? Spruce is a great tone wood, at least on acoustics. Just wondering if anyone here had one on an electric.
BB in SC
I always wanted a spruce top tele or strat with a hollow rosewood back! Plain, clear finish, no pg.
I saw a spruce top warmoth Tele on ebay a couple of weeks ago.. it looked a bit weird, since it was a variax.. i call that the naked bollocks look.. :icon_biggrin:
I've seen a few spruce topped hollow L5S bodies come through the shop.  Pretty lively response when tapped.

A hollow L5S with spruce top and mahogany back could make for a very nice jazzbox!

I have often thougth of a Tele Thinline with a Sitka top with a Bigleaf Maple back.