Spraying a Neck


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I'm new to this site. I have been building a guitar from some Warmoth parts.  I have a picture album of my work so far.  My question is I'm finishing the body with a Behlen Vinyl Sealer and Behlen Instrument ready Nitro.  I have 2 necks I built, they turned out pretty good and I'm not sure how to finish them.  I don't see where Behlen has a Satin Nitro. 

1.  Behlen Vinyl Sealer-  Can it be used with McFadden Nitro Satin or do I have to  buy a quart of McFadden Vinyl Sealer
2.  How many coats does a person normally put on a neck.
3. Do you wet sand and buff a neck the same way you do the body.

Thanks guys for the input. Here is the link to my work.  I added words not thinking I'm a "Expert", just added them to hopefully help someone else at my level of building which is a "Newbie"

Wow, that's really impressive... very nice work!  You are building two necks, are there two bodies as well?
Thanks. I'm building another Alder body also as soon as I  get this project completed.  I built 2 necks cause I figured the first one as a learning experience would not be playable, but I got lucky.  My brother has a Tattoo Shop and is also into Airbrushing. Plan on putting in just 1 EMG Active, Hardtail Bridge, and Rear Mount Electronics in it and let him have some fun with it.  This is a pretty addicting hobby!!
Wow what a great, great first post!!  VERY impressive stuff, and awesome slide show. Thanks for sharing and welcome. I don't know the answers to your questions, but there are a couple here here who will, just be patient.