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hey everybody,

i have a jcm800 2204 and an old marshall mg cabinet. i want to replace the lame speakers in the cab and replace with some celests
i want vintage 30's but i also want greenbacks
the 30's are 60 watts and the greenbacks are 25
is it possible to use to of each to make a 412 cab?

Funky Phil

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Yes  :headbang1:
Don't worry about the different power handling ratings on the speakers...
The amp can't "see" this anyway...
The important thing is to make sure that all the speakers are the same impedence. (ohms)
There are a couple of ways to wire the speakers, but if you are unsure about this, then just order the same inpedence as the existing speakers, and copy the wiring  :)


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Typically Marshall used 16 ohm speakers, and these can be wired as a 16 ohm cabinet in series/parallel, or a 4 ohm cabinet in parallel.

If you run series parallel, each parallel branch will dissipate the same power... and in that branch, each series component will dissipate the same power (since the impedance's all match).  In that case, you'll have a cabinet that will handle 100w.  Go over that and the greenbacks are gonna not do well.

If you run totally in parallel, the same holds true, equal dissipation between the four segments and you'll have a 100w cabinet that way too.