Spalted maple carved top...


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Is spalted maple carved top completely out of the question in Warmoth? I understand the problems but then I saw this...
So is it doable?
Seeing those laminates... gave me ideas...
I think the issues are a.) finding a piece of spalted maple thick enough to do it and b.) being typically so soft, CNC "carving" the top is problematic. If memory serves me correctly I think Gregg posted some time ago that they'd only done a few for the course of the last several years, think there may have been a VIP body a while back...
There have been a few spalt carved tops but it isn't available as a standard option.  Binding is required to protect the edges.

I've seen other manufacturers do spalt tops without binding and it can be tricky to get a smooth edge/surface in the finish.
a lot will also depend on just how rotten the spalted wood actually is. there is a HUGE difference between some decomposition staining and ink lines on an otherwise structurally sound piece of wood and what is sometimes sold on eBay as  stunningly spalted (but not structurally sound) wood

the latter will require some kind of stabilizing - whether it be an epoxy enfusion, edge binding, or other

all spalting is not equal

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i've heard a little about "acrylizing" woods... specially spalted ones... anybody here knows something about that?
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check out Gallery Hardwoods ... Larry has a great deal of information about the stabilizing process he uses, including images of the autoclave and finished product

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