Spacing comparison: Warmoth vs Gibson


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Take a look at the Mudwog Weap Tele vs the LP BFG (Blue Flame Geetar)


Was doing some tone comparisons - the Tele is just a tad brighter, but then, its got new strings, while the BFG has strings a bit older.  Essentially, very very close.  Both have non-maple necks - Goncalo vs Mahogany.  Both have medium size frets.  Both have essentially the same pickups although the Mudwog Weap Tele has a hotter wound neck pickup.  The BFG has a BB#3 while the Mudwog Weap has a BBPro#2 at the bridge - they sound very very close.  Both have hollow bodies (yes the BFG is a thinline!~).

But... what I cant understand is why W chooses to place the bridge pickup so far from the TOM bridge, and place the stop bar so far back.  Nothing to do with scale length, as the bridges are in the right spots for their respective scales, just that Gibson chooses to keep the spacings a bit closer, while W spreads em out a bit.

I wonder why this is?  I'm thinking it probably has to do with the programs set up in the CNC, placing the HB route in the same position regardless.  That is, it goes where the tele HB bridge would put it, and if you have some other bridge type... so be it, but the pickup is staying put where it is!  Anyway thats my guess.  Maybe some kind soul at W can enlighten us mere mortals.

And... man thats a winning pickup combination.  Jack knows.  Vic knows.  I urge folks to give it a try.
But which one would you rather take to your school dance? (ps nice bullets)
The disintegrating links are for Schmoop's benefit.

School dance... hmm.  Funny but it seems every school dance I've played, I've ended up being the bass player!~~  REALLY!!!!!
I much prefer the look of everything closer together, as on the gibson. The extra space between the tuno and the stop bar really irks me.

I'd almost be tempted to go with a humbucker neck, P90 bridge setup. SD Jazz bucker in the neck, with a push pull pot, combine it with the P90.. Sounds tasty in my head.
CB I think you're spot on with the CNC theory. From a costing point of view it makes sense, but I'm just a mere mortal too.
FWIW I think Mudwog looks fine.  The HB, bridge and tailpiece line up with the controls and the diagonal sweep of the pickguard lead your eye to the toggle switch. I hope my L5S looks as well balanced when I get it.
I'm in wait mode on my first Tele body with TOM bridge ('54 Goldtop project), but would think that placing the bridge PU CLOSER to the bridge like on the BFG would make it brighter/more trebly, rather than the Tele sounding brighter? Maybe you need to do the comparison with new strings on both axes?
Jack I'd say essentially the same.... there is very little difference as it is right now.  In a blind test you'd have to a/b a/b b/a to tell the difference.

I put the P90 in my SG closer to the bridge than Gibson does.  I was worried on the output being lower, and if it is, its an almost non-issue. 

I can see the Gibson being a tad brighter (not much as HB's have a wide magnetic field as it is), and a bit louder, but not much as .. experience with the P90 has shown otherwise.  Slight shades of differences.  I'm inclined to say that the Gibson would be brigher with new strings, especially after the MWT strings have aged a bit.  Thats how close the two are: Neck and neck (no pun).

I do think I'd like the stopbar closer to the bridge.  I dunno... just looks better that way.
awww, you do care.  :icon_jokercolor:
that clip will keep the commies (and hippies) at bay, i hear they don't like bullets, its like vamps and garlic or something.
CB, your assumptions about the programming are correct. The placement for the Humbucker pickup is the same as if you were using a Tele Humbucker bridge.
it wouldn't take much to alter the program. but ...
why? if you did that then you couldn't offer any bridge option on showcase bodies that weren't finished.
more spacing options would mean less flexibility in the end.