Spaceman Meridian


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Imagine a pedal that will do chorus, vibrato, phaser, and more, by just turning knobs - and sounds great in all its manifestations. That describes the Meridian Time Modulator by Spaceman. I wasn't even aware of this company until I saw this pedal demo'd in THIS YouTube VIDEO. Granted, Ryan - the Demos In The Dark guy - used a Pinter guitar for the video (which he bought after he demo'd it), but what he did with the pedal is what sold me on it.

I just ordered one a couple days ago - directly from the manufacturer, and I'm very eager to receive it and give it some playing time.

Is anyone familiar with Spaceman and their effects? They're kind of pricey, but they're hand made and all look innovative. The pedal looks like this (copied from a frame of the video I linked to above):
meridian pedal from DITD video.jpg
They're generally one of the pricier small shop boutique builders. I've always liked the sound of the various Sputnik and Voyager editions (germanium fuzz & tremolo). Super quiet, well voiced, very distinct design - just expensive.
My Meridian arrived today. It definitely has a learning curve, but once I played it for a while, turning knobs, it started to get pretty intuitive. Every sound I could conjure up just kills - deep and lush or wild and metallic. It has a huge range of effects in it - some I didn't know existed. Here is the board I put it on:
new pedalboard w meridian sm.jpg