Someone please'splain to me why...

Bill in SC

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folks will spend $800, $900, to $1000+ for a nice neck. The tone of a $1000 neck can't be THAT much better. I understand that materials prices for various woods is a lot more. But still, I FREQUENTLY see MANY necks with fine exotic woods offered in the $250/$260 range. Is it just a status symbol for folks to buy the highest priced components? I just don't get it.
Bill in SC
It's the highly figured aspect or the rarity of the wood that will drive a piece to a higher price. Even then, you could buy one and immediatey put it on ebay and make a couple of hundred $ profit in most cases. There are more eyes on ebay than on Warmoth's website.
That's amazing. In that case, one of you Warmoth employees ought to start an e-Bay store and make that hustle.
BB in SC
Folks are stupid.  Thats basically it.

For instance - I was trying to buy a used SG Special (faded) in red.  At the time they were going for $525, from dealers ($599 from MF and GC and other big box low discount places).  What are they actually SELLING for on eBay?  Completed sales show $650 and more - plus shipping, for USED ones.

People are stupid.

I'm stupid.  I got taken (once) on ebay.  Got some neatsfoot oil.  Great stuff.  Had a buy it now for what I thought was an ok price.  So Ig got it.  Then I saw the same vendor's own website selling it for a few bux less, with lower shipping.  So I paid a premium (only about $5 on a 2-1/2 gallon drum of it), for shopping on eBay.  And yes, the vendor does pay a commission to eBay.  And yes there is fraud and yes and yes and yes... all the factors.  I did ok, but... I didn't check 'em out as I should have.

Folks just are stupid, lazy, and dont care I guess.
Agree lots of stuff on Ebay goes for more than sticker. Prefer Craig's list though it helps to live in a major metro area (more people using craigs list). All of my recording gear, my bass and acoustic, was about half price from either ebay or craig's.
My brother works with a lady who buys piles of crap at WalMart, and then unloads it on Ebay with inflated shipping costs. She says she clears $30K a year with her "hobby". And yes, I've hit BIN more than once without first checking the shipping. Would you pass that dunce cap in my direction?
As to the original question; the necks in that price category tend to all be flawless ebony or Brazilian Rosewood, often nicely figured on the Brazilian. These exotic woods are no longer readily available, mainly due to environmental factors these days, hence their steep price tag. I think a lot of the people who get into using Warmoth parts to do custom axes do so for the same reason as I, i.e., I can afford to buy anything I want, but find even the high $ custom shop offerings lacking, ESPECIALLY when you consider their pricing. If you're coming from looking at Fender Custom Shop models from $2500-6000 or so, laying out a grand for a neck to build your "dream guitar" is no big whup. As to whether they sound 3-4 times better, that questionable, but in terms of LOOKING better, that's another story. If you hang on to it for a while the intrinsic monetary value of the neck can't do anything but go UP; you might not be able to get a Brazilian neck at all in another decade or two....

As brazillian I might say, the problem with Brazillian Rosewood is NOT that is "hard to find"... the real thing is: there is NO native Brazillian Rosewood anymore... every piece you get now is from guys who plant it...