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See the below, have Korinacaster in shop getting intonated, another axe 1/2 finished, and Spalted Maple Strat and LP neck through body projects arriving next week, and now CB has me ordering all the parts to rebuild the Fender 75; so out of control I ordered snakeskin Tolex to recover it as well...

If I bag work a day every week I can probably work in another project, any ideas?



Yes! There is for this reason that guys like me can keep living! Think in news f*&%#@* fancy guitars!
You looks like a single-coil fan...
Do you enjoy Firebird body? L5S?
I shouldn't show this bodies, because I really like then, but you know: I'm thinking in come back to luthierie, and they are a little expensive to me, because I pay almost 100% of tax in my country when the shipping is air mail and priority...



Those bodies are unbelieveble! I didn't buy this Flamed Koa Tele because it's top routed, in deed... So I chose the Spalted Maple one...( And now they change the back pic, the first one isn't very nice and the color looked weird... with this one, I think I need this body  :icon_biggrin:)
The Bloodwood looks great, in begginning I thought this wood should look weird, but when I saw this body, I see: with a matching neck, it'll be a very sexy and raw guitar!
You're looking for a traditional or a modern/radical shape?
100% import duty??? You should check a customs broker, there has to be some kind of dodge around that.

Was thinking of doing an L5S with 2 F-holes, hard to pick out the wood combos and wait through the backlog time....
60% import duty AND 18% ICMS, a tax for industrialized products. But it's not X+Y.... they do a "game" that go for about 98%... bastards :laughing7:
L5S is very cool! I don't like the F holes, but this will be your guitar, that's you who should like it!

This is another that I almost bought when I buy the Tele... the problem was the black binding... I like Koa so much, it's one of the most beautifull wood!
I forget to write: All those bodies is still in showcase...
jackthehack said:
so out of control I ordered snakeskin Tolex to recover it as well

If I bag work a day every week I can probably work in another project, any ideas?

Build a "Deluxe Champ" , tweed Champ, 5w with Deluxe cabinet and 12 inch speaker.  I built three of those about 15 months ago, and its still one of my favorite amps.

BTW, use Weldwood Contact Cement for the Tolex, and you'll be glad you did.  Thats exactly what Mojo uses, me too.  They spray theirs, but I get those cheap coarse "China Brushes" and use those.  They last longer than you can imagine if you clean em in thinner.  So forget gorilla snot and all the magic tolex glues.  I've used em all and contact cement is by far the best (just let it sit about 15 minutes after coating and when you press it together, its STUCK on solid!)

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CB - Will take your advice on the Tolex glue for the 75; rather than build the Deluxe Champ, I just remembered recently that when I bought the '54 Strat (paid $1100 for it, didn't like the chunky neck and sold it for $3000  about 6 months later, right before the Japanese started collecting them and drove the price to 5-6 figures, serial number was 1012, if you know where it is let me know, I've always wondered...)  from Charlie's Guitar Shop in Dallas in 1981, I got a '54-'55 Champ amp that someone had recovered with rodeo cowboy fabric with it that's still somewhere at my parent's house in Dallas (this was during Phase II of Cocaine, memories vague); Mom has Alzheimer's and thinks I'm talking about Dad's 60's Scott stereo amp, will head down there this summer and find, but may leave the rodeo fabric recover job from late 50's/early 60's intact.