Soldering question


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Just wondering about soldering 2 or more wires to a lug on switch or on pots, is it better to twist all wire ends together , any advice welcome.
Twisting the wires together aids in attaching multiple wires to a single point, but will can make it difficult to modify at a later time, i.e., attempting to remove only one wire. If you are sure that your design won't be changing, twist 'em. Also, insert the wire and make a "U" bend through the hole in the lug so that the wire is firmly touching the lug. Use the solder to hold the wire in place.
Thanks for the tips. I see also some users recomending heat shrink the cables for added proctection, overkill maybe, but I guess it would also make it dificult to change or modify setup at later stage.
Heat shrink is good for bare wires. Also looks great when adding a "boot" to cover connections, adds another step though. Beware though, it can be used to hide poor solder jobs and makes it hard to visual inspect while troubleshooting problems.
The pickups I inetend to use have some bare wires coming from them, maybe should covers these and leave rest as they are,  should know a bit more when I get into it, I am sure I wont get it right on my first attempt, but no rush I have plenty of time, thanks again for your time and advice.
The bare "wires" are just grounds, no need to wrap them they go to grounding point(s) anyway....
If I can, if there's room, I like to pass the end of the wire thru the lug and fold it back.  I do that for every wire, folding each back in a slightly different direction.  Seems to work.  Seems to be easy to service later.
Thanks for the advice, I have managed to solder it together and it appears to be working fine, for my first attempt I am happy with it but I think I will do better next time, I am sort of thinking about taking it all apart and starting from scratch again just to try tidy it all up (I think I need glasses),  but will leave it for a day or so.  :eek:ccasion14: