Sold neck reappears in the showcase..


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I watched this canary/canary neck in the showcase for quite a while, but of course it got sold before I managed to get all my ideas together. Sounds familiar?
Well, yesterday when I did a search for similar necks it showed up in the showcase again, roughly two months after it was sold. None of the specs was changed, item number was the same, price the same.
Anyone experienced this before?
It's always good to phone in to check on a neck you want to purchase. Perhaps it sold then the customer changed their minds or couldn't pay for it and it takes a while to get it back on the website live again. There could be lots of reasons.
Thanks Gregg!
I assume that´s a plausible reason, I just thoguht the amount of time was a little long. It all sounds good to me.
Since english is not my main language I prefer not to call, but since I actually bought that neck and included a similar question in my purchase I guess I´m well covered, I just wanted to hear if someone had experienced this before.
I really hope the person that bought the body I was watching ends up bailing out too  :icon_biggrin: