skunk stripe raised a bit... a concern?


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How much of a concern is it, if I just recieved a VM neck whose skunk stripe is raised a bit at mid neck?  A bit is this much:


That is, as far as I can gauge, really small... only about .007

But... the question is... why is it raised (I've never had another from Warmoth that was raised, and this is #6)

And, will it be ok?  I know the stripe is more of a filler, and doesn't take much stress.  Amazed it would "expand" so much in transit though.

Any thoughts?

I got too many of those already, plus henways suck tone, and peterfores are just silly on a guitar
i agree.
and most peterfores made in Korea, only fit a mandolin.

how do you function with all that cheese buildup.  :laughing7:
We talking fumunda or queeb?

Seriously would like an opinion on the stripage tho.
all i can think of is make a temp controlled room using a window ac and try and get some moisture out of it, or sand it and refinish.

btw i don't know weather to melt you into fondue or server you with crackers (and wine)  :laughing8: