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It's a little bigger than I really need, but really well made with eight 9v battery eliminators; 3 power conditioned 120v mains stereo in/outs from effects or for off-board rack mount unit(s) and split for 2nd amp or stereo amp out from unit. Top locks down with 4 twist rachets, and carrying handle on top of unit.  Probably a little heavy for some of y'all, but built like a tank to take the road/abuse. Finally got the OCD woman to STFU about all the wires. worth every penny for that by itself!

Obsessive-Compulsive Disorder; many manifestations, but in her case, "neat freak". Think Felix from "The Odd Couple" or Monk. Goes crazy in the same room with a typical maze of wiring inherent to the "music room"/recording studio. Can see dust/dirt invisible to normal humans. Will rearrange all the clothing in YOUR closet based on type/color/seasonality. Compelled to rearrange bookshelves based on height of books. Becomes upset/distressed if any door/cabinet/drawer is left open a factional millimeter. Shit like that.
Oh, man, I used to have a girlfriend who was OCD.  She had to wash her hands 8, 16, or 32 times before and after eating, depending how dirty she decided they were.  Took f*cking forever.  :doh:
hay, I love Monk, they kinnda stretched it on the season finally, I guess they had to address the plot sooner or later.
:rock-on: I absolutly love my SKB pedalboard... Best one on the market, Great choice!
If you look at the left side of the pedalboard, there's a long piece of tape-backed velcro. You cut pieces to the size of your effects and apply to the bottom; the velcro adheres to the top surface and keeps the pedals in place.