side jack too short



My order arrived today and I've layed out all the parts I want to assemble. Everything is fine, except for one thing...

my strat body has a 1/2" side jack routed, and I have a deep panel side jack to put in it, but the hole is the same length as the length of the thread on the jack, so I can't get the washer and nut onto the thread to hold the jack in place.

How should I go about fixing this, do I simply order a different jack or do I make the inside end of the jack mouting hole wider to take the washer and nut?
Nevermind, I solved this. The angle was too steep to get a drill up to it, so I used a wood knife to chissel away the wood around the opening in the countrol cavity until the washer and nut fit into place, then sanded it down a little to smooth it out. Fits fine now.
Good job Pestymonkey, one thing I think alot of people fail to realize is that when your building a custom guitar is that there is likely going to be some detail work that a screw driver alone won't take care of, its always nice to hear about the little things,  that a guy has to address and how he gets things to work out, .......much nicer than hearing a complaint.... :icon_thumright:

That being said, this forum has such a wide range of knowledge available,  Very Cool......
I second that!  And good for you for workin it out man! 
thats the beauty of DIY. I love coming across little problems like that and being able to solve them myself and end up with something I'm totally happy with.

If that makes sense..  :laughing7:
Hell yeah! good job monkey! totally agree with superbeast. if something has to be done, who better than yourself to do it!  :redflag: