Showcase/Database Suggestion


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I just made my first order, but it took me a very long time before I was sure about the wood and paint combinations since it's somewhat hard to image how the finished body or neck will look like. For instance, I was wondering how the yellow dye would look on a flame maple neck, or how Goncale Alves would be for a neck. But there are no examples, you can't find them in the Showcase either. Search for a Ziricote neck isn't even possible... I'm not saying Warmoth has to produce more and put everything in the Showcase off course... ;)

But wouldn't it be nice if Warmoth would keep (a selection) of the sold necks/bodies in an other part of the Showcase? With an option "show sold items" (like on eBay), it won't bother people who only want to buy stuff. Off course, to keep all the  Alder Strats wouldn't be that interesting, so it doesn't have to be a very big database.

Or even better (and easier) would would be if there were links from the wood descriptions to a couple of photos of the woods in an actual neck or body. And the same thing with the paint. The solid colors are pretty obvious off course, but the transparent coIors look very different on different woods.

Now I'm searching on this forum for some not-common woods, or even do some Photoshopping to see how particular combinations would look like...  :laughing7:

I think something like this would be very handy for some inspiration, and would help people making a good choice...  :redflag:
Oh, man, great idea!  It would be great for those of us who do nothing but gape at the Showcase all day, plus I'm interested in seeing some of the odder woods and finishes...
I can happily vote for that idea - there are quite a few colour/wood combinations I'd like to see an example of, as I'm homing in on my next creation...

Actually, there's a version of  Lightbox2 that does a sort of slideshow effect - that could be good - show me a series of burst finishes on quilt maple for example, or dyes on swamp ash.