Showcase Body PS1840


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Is that the same body front and back? The face is a hardtail but the back is a tremolo:
The "Zen of Two Options" is a diabolical ruse Gregg and TonytheFlyingSquirel came up with to try to ascertain if anyone was, in fact, perrusing the site late at night WITHOUT toking up first, You get the gold star!
Yep, that would be the wrong back pictured. It'll have to wait until morning to fix. Thanks for the heads up. (The body is a hardtail without the trem cavity in the back).
I noticed it since I was interested in the hardtail. I'm glad to find out that's what it is!

I have been known to spend the wee (not weed) hours perusing!

Hmmmmmmmmmm... Now I gotta start thinking of a neck to go with it...