Showcase bodies


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I've been a long time browser and finally signed up. I fell in love with the Gecko bass the 1st time I saw it. I am considering building one and was wondering- I see a couple of bodies in the showcase that I like but they are routed for that slanted Kahler bridge. I want to use a Hipshot model A. What can I do about that rout?
a) find the correct neck width that will correspond to the string spacing you prefer at the bridge and nut

b) give a Warmoth rep a call to discuss pricing for pre-drilling the mounting holes for a Type A bridge. I don't know the drill pattern for the Khaler bridge, so I can't say if a Hipsot bridge will cover any pre-drilled holes in a Showcase body. If the holes will be covered, you may only need to have new pilot holes drilled ... and you're good to go! If the Type A will not cover the pre-drilled holes and you can't live with that, proceed to the next step

c) order a Gecko body to suit this neck size

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Unfortunately, the Kahler bridge rout is slightly recessed.  You'd need to fill the recess in order to get a flat surface for the Hipshot.  Not a pretty solution, IMO! 

Recommendation: Proceed to Skuttle's step C.  Warmoth can drill for Hipshot A bridges with a 19mm string spacing on the medium and wide Geckos or 17.5mm spacing on the narrow Geckos.  All are non-string thru.

You can still get the Kahler bridges directly through Kahler.  They are quite substantial and very adjustable.
Yes, there is a recessed rout for that bridge and the body I liked is alraedy finished. I thought I could possibly save a few $ purchasing from the Showcase but I'll probably have to order a new one to my liking.