Showcase bodies routed for tremolo


I've been keeping a close eye on the showcase bodies the past few months, in particular the VIP.
Why the heck are they ALL consistently routed for a tremolo????

Last i looked about 40% of guitarists preferred a non tremolo bridge.
With regards to Strats, go to any guitar-related internet forum, and you'll find thousands upon thousands of posts saying "A Strat doesn't sound like a Strat unless its got a tremelo/vibrato!" Well, whatever. I'm not entering THAT particular minefield.

And, like I said a few days ago, 25% of the posts here are about or mention Floyd Rose systems.

I listen to the radio a couple of hours a day, and can't remember the last time I heard someone use a whang-bar. As for me, I don't like them, don't use them, and don't particularly want to hear them. Notable exceptions are Duane Eddy, King James, and Eddie Van Halen.
Maybe its different over here (Australia).
But no one seems to be interested in floyd tremolos.

Personally I already have 3 guitars a floyd tremolo, i now want to build a warmoth with a gotoh 510. Guess i'll have to order one and pay a bit extra.
Warmoth has certain standards, I think they come from their sales. I have also asked in the past why they rout the showcase bodies, it is something the buyer can request at the time of buying. They said routed bodies sell quicker and it's easier for a person to visualize his/her guitar if it is routed... go figure :icon_scratch: As far as the showcase I have stopped paying attention. I'm happy it exists and gives people the opportunity to see the neck or body they buy but it is clear certain choices won't be offered because they need custom orders too. For me the showcase has been a 50-50 situation. I have bought all bodies from the showcase and I have custom ordered all necks.