Short scale P


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Another bass I recently finished, this is my short scale P bass with PJ pickups.

The body is roasted swamp ash which I finished with only a couple light coats of tung oil, which was then gone over with a 000-steel-wool-equivalent Scotchbrite pad to just bring out a bit of sheen. The neck is a showcase short scale Warhead, ebony over maple, with a vintage tint satin finish.

I added the BM Lite tuners, a Gotoh 201 bridge, and an Electrosocket input jack, all in black, to make room on the solid black pickguard for a V-T-B setup.

It sounds great, and I think it looks even better. My daughter christened it "Dark Chocolate" when she first saw it, and that name has kind of stuck.


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Looks good. I particularly like roasted swamp ash with a clear finish. It came out just right.