Short Scale Bass

Well, there are many good & cheap Mustang / Bronco basses out there.

But if you want to build one - ask around - maybe W does the stuff

No Cheap Short Scale basses are needed.  We need a Warmoth quality short scale.  Why isn't this an option already?

EDIT:  I called and asked a few  years ago and they just said "we don't do that".  How costly can it be to offer this as an option?
Some design work has been done on interchangeable 30" and 32" scale 4-string parts, buy it's waaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaay on the back burner right now.  They're coming eventually, though.
yeah, sign me up for a 32. i want to make a claypool style bass, with bubinga, and walnut. and i want it to have a short scale advantage, that les has on his first ct bass.