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Hello everyone!
I'm starting my first project thanks to the many informations I can find in the web. But I've noticed there's a lot of confusion about Guitar Body dimensions, expecially for the vintage models. The main reason I think is for the customary units instead of millimetres or something like that..But templates tend to make easier dimensions inventing them.

Now I'm interested in thin bodies(cause I've just bought a 40mm thick wood) expecially for the "REAL" SG that I think it will be my first hand made guitar. There's someone who told me this kind of bodies misures 1,35"(35 mm) but there are many others who said that the real vintage one had a 38 mm thickness.
Also fender mustang is confused. Les paul too: someone said 2" someone said is thicker.(I think it's: back1 3/4 + top1/4). And what about rickenbackers???

Do you know something about that?