September 2016 Guitar of the Month Contest Submissions


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We are now announcing the September, 2016 Guitar of the Month contest!  September's contest will be "Warmoth/professionally finished" and requires at least a Warmoth neck or body to qualify.

Please read the GOM rules, which have been refined, with some slight changes, and are posted in a sticky in this forum area.

Submissions must be sent, to, and contain two images no greater than 1024x768, along with your description and details of the instrument.  Send your submission in plain text email.  Your photos must be attachments to the email.  Your unOfficialWarmoth Forum user name must be included in the body of the email.

In turn, your images will posted to this message, which is September's submission thread.

Submissions will be accepted from now until September 8th, so get your cameras clicking!

As usual, discussion about the submissions can take place below.

Please do not post additional photos in any replies to this thread.  Links to other UW threads or external sites are fine.

Please try to stick to the entry requirements:
1024x768 pixel images maximum as attachments please, not embedded in the email or linked to external sites.

Include your UnOfficialWarmoth Forum user name.

Warmoth or other professionally finished instruments only this month.

Sorry, but entries that do not meet these requirements may not be included in the contest. If you're having technical difficulties, get in touch!  (But only about contest entries please!)

Good luck, and may the best guitar/bass win!

Guitar #1 shaps6

"Nutcracker" Tele

Warmoth figured walnut lam top and solid magogany body, with tummy cut and neck contour.

The neck is a USACG unfinished roasted maple neck with an asymmetrical profile, rosewood fretboard, and abalone dot inlays inlays.
Guitar features locking tuning heads and my signature etched onto the neckplate (which is why it's blocked out)

I wanted as much tonal versatility as possible, so I equipped her with a Bareknuckle Mule neck HB and '55 Staggered bridge pickup.  The neck pickup is wired to a a push/push volume pot which switches the HB coils between series/parallel.  The tone pot is also a push/push.  When in neutral position, it functions as a regular tone. But, when activated, it functions as a "mini-tone," which rolls off only a bit of top end at a slightly different frequency.

Finishing and wiring were done for me by Matt at 30th Street Guitars in NYC



Guitar #2 vetteman

Warmoth Hollow Thinline swamp ash Telecaster body (no f hole)
Warmoth finished black - brown - yellow burst
Quickguards custom bakelite Esquire pickguard with Strat neck cut
DiMarzio Area T Hot pickup wired with "Eldred" mod
Warmoth Vintage/Modern canary Stratocaster neck, unfinished
Vintage style tuners, Graphtech nut, SS6105 frets
Assembled and set-up by vetteman



Guitar #3 Logrinn

"Pi2" 7/8 Strat

Body of swamp ash painted transparent blue with contoured heel.
DiMarzio DLX plus pickups: bridge DP154, neck DP162.
Threeway blade switch and single volume (bourns 500k) pot, Knoobez knob.
Fender am.std. hardtail bridge.

Roasted maple Mustang neck with roasted maple fingerboard.
Stainless steel 6105 frets.
Gotoh staggered, locking tuners.
Earvana nut.



Guitar #4 Cagey

Blue Ice carved top Telecaster

Maple over Black Korina w/ Blue Ice finish and cream binding (Warmoth)
Dream 180 humbucking pickups (GFS)
"Vintage Strat" vibrato w/ roller saddles (Schaller)

Black Ebony over curly Maple w/ cream binding and clear nitro finish (Warmoth)
Schaller M6 locking tuners
Tusq nut (Graphtech)
Stainless 6100 frets (Jescar)
Threaded neck heel inserts & stainless machine screws



Guitar #5 Wolfie351

Body: Carved top Velocity, Flame maple over Swamp Ash, Purple to Clear Burst
Neck: One piece birdseye maple, 14" radius, 6150 frets, Tru-Oil finish
Electronics: WCR Murkat pickups, 6-way rotary switch, JackPot Vol
Hardware: OFR, FR Noiseless springs, Schaller Sure Claw, neck inserts, pickup mount inserts



Shaps6 struck gold with that top  :eek: I have never seen grains appear to intersect at perpendiculars before.
The Moderne Dance said:
Shaps6 struck gold with that top  :eek: I have never seen grains appear to intersect at perpendiculars before.

Credit goes to the folks at Warmoth for crafting such a fine body.
'Bout time you put that gorgeous carved-top Tele to use, Kevin--that is one glorious lookin' piece!
A beautiful start to this month's competition. Going to be another HARD decision.

Just one quick observation: Kevin, that is some AWSOME  looking flame on that neck!  :icon_thumright:
Yes it is, and as is usually the case with figured woods, a photograph doesn't do it justice. What I'm particularly proud of on that neck is the finish and the how the decal got buried, but that doesn't want to photograph well, either.