Schaller vs Original Floyd Rose

TTU Shredder

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The only floating Trem i have ever played is the Ibanez Edge 3 on my RG. I love having a floating trem and actually dont mind the hassle it brings. So I was wondering if anybody could tell me the differences, possibly the pro's / con's of the Schaller vs the Original. I just dont know which to put on the guitar I am wanting to build right now.

Just in case it matters it will be a Jackson style V-2 body with a 24 fret neck. Thanks for your help.
I have an original floyd in my Jackson Soloist and a schaller floyd in my Charvel Fusion.  I honestly can't tell the difference.  I thought I read that the schaller has a brass block and the original floyd a steel block.  I might have that wrong, but if that were the case there might be a tone difference.  I also have an extra chrome schaller floyd that I wouldn't mind getting rid of.  It's used, but mint.  I don't know if you would be interested in it or not.