Scalloped Fretboard?


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Good Idea? Bad Idea? Does anyone have experience with them?

I'm about to sell one... maybe two of my name brand guitars to fund this.... So it better be worth it.

Alder bodied Strat. HSS, Shell pink, Drop top white binding, White pickguard, All Canary neck with Stainless frets... Scalloped..
Chrome hardware, Duncan SH-6 HB- Duncan Single coils...Suggestions?
it's not bad, barre chords take some practice to keep them in tune, it might not be your style if you play aggressively, it takes a light touch.

i scalloped a maple neck and it seemed to make it more resonant than it was before, that is hard to say for sure because i can't do a direct a/b a/b b/a comparison.
dont do it unless you have played on a scalloped guitar, but, if you like scalloped potatos youl be fine, go ahead