Satin-izing a Gloss Finish


I have a Warmoth Soloist body on order. It will have a gloss black top, natural masked binding and a natural finsh on the back and sides (mahogany with maple top). I originally wanted the back and sides to be satin and only have a gloss finish on the top, but Warmoth doesn't do that. I wanted the gloss finish done by a pro, so I'm having the entire body done with gloss finish. My plan is to do a little sanding on the back and sides with fine grit sandpapers in order to roughen it up and knock back the glossiness. Then I plan to spray 1 or 2 thin coats of a satin finish in order to make it nice and even looking.

Is this a reasonable plan? If so, what would be the best spray finish for me to use for a nice even, clear, satin topcoat?


If I were to do that I would do like others do for necks: take the gloss out with 3M polishing paper, but absolutely do not respray anything. You'll already have your smooth/even surface after using the polishing paper.
Sure, it will gloss up a bit over time in areas that touch your body, but so would a satin finish.

I would start fairly high grit (1500 I'm thinking will probably be too fine) and lower until you achieve a sufficient satin look.

Disclaimer: I don't do much finish work at all besides some satin finishes on necks, and a few wipe-on poly gloss finishes on small truss rod covers.
Try 3000 grit sanding/polishing paper. Watched Brad Angrove use it on a guitar in a YouTube video. I used 1500 grit to start leveling the clear on my build. Had to use 2000 grit to remove the fine scratched, I still have to use the 3000 and see if the satin effect is what I want. Bought a pack of various fine grit paper from Amazon with 3000, 5000, 7000 and 10,000 paper. If I don't like the 3000 grit look I'll just go to 5000 then 7000 and compound.