Sanity Check on Neck "Transplant" and Schaller Floyds


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Hi guys, hoping you can help me with a quick sanity check:

Currently thinking very hard about putting a warmoth neck onto a soloist type body of my old 80s Rockoon (this was Kawai’s foray into guitars and was only available in Japan – decent quality instruments on par with higher end Ibanez of the period).  Long story short, because the old neck is bound and painted, it’s actually cheaper to get a new warmoth neck than a re-fret…  and then of course there is the added bonus of the having a warmoth neck on the thing!

I’ve actually tried and fit a couple of my warmoth necks in the Rockoon’s neck pocket and they seem to fit quite snuggly except that the rounded section at the end of the neck doesn’t quite match the pocket.  There may be a gap of about 1mm or so at the very end – though I can’t see too well as the fretboard is in the way.
That aside, I’ve measured  my warmoth body neck pockets against the neck pocket of the Rockoon and the dimensions match.  Same goes for my warmoth necks against the old Rockoon neck.  Looks like the only things that don’t quite line up are the neck mounting holes – but I can ask Warmoth not to put those in.

Final difference I can see on the necks themselves is that the distance from the nut to the 22 fret on the Warmoth is 46.3 cm whiles it’s 46.5 cm on the Rockoon.  Tough I’m guessing that is something I can easily compensate with the bridge saddles?

Anything else I should be thinking about before I pull the trigger on this?

And one more thing while I’m at it:

There’s a great thread here about shimming the original Floyd to work with a Warmoth compound radius:

Is anyone aware of a similar thread which would apply to the Schaller Floyd as that’s what I’ve got on the Rockoon?  Or do I not need to worry about it?

Thanks as always.