samarium cobalt pup's


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i'm planning to change the pickups in my strat, has anyone tried the samarium cobalt pup's from fender?

i've used the vintage noiseless in a friends guitar and they were good, but the new ones were were designed by bill lawrence and that's definately a good thing. most of the music stores here don't carry the more current models of fender guitars so i can't try them.

i've also heard good things about dimarzio area 61's. has anyone tried both?
I haven't been able to do any sort of side by side comparison with other single coils, and I haven't tried the DiMarzio noiseless options (I've heard good things about them, too.) But, my experience with the SCN's has been very good. They sound very chimey and single-coilish. I don't think there's a harsh tone in them. The bridge pickup is full sounding and pretty gutsy. The neck pickup has some good whump in it. Middle pickup? dunno. Ask someone who uses one.
What kind of pickups are in your Strat now, and what kind of sound don't they make that you're looking for?
it was my only guitar for about 5-6 years and in an atempt to make it more versitile i put a lil 59 in the neck and a hot rails in the bridge. well now that i have a couple other guitars that have p-90's and humbuckers i'd like it to sound like a strat again.

i put the vintage noiseless into a friends squire affinity starter guitar and with a good setup i couldn't stop playing it. now fender sells the scn pups and claims them to be better than the others. i know better is a relative term though.
i don't feel i can get a fair assesment of guitars here though. the japanese will always plug you into some line 6 modelling amp or turn your gain all the way up or something obnactious like that. there is a strat at one store that has dimarzios in it. but i don't know which ones, and they carry mostly squires and fender japan models, some have tags that say "USA PICKUPS" but that can be a number of things.