rubing out the 2 tone burst


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Finally doing the wet sand and rub out.  I will say it did help to soak the paper overnight. I have not always done that in the past but it really helped the paper from loading up with junk as I sanded.  If you are going to get real serious about the DIY Finishing I highly recommend a polishing arbor. Check Stew Mac, LM or Grizzly Industrial.

Filling the holes to keep water from swelling the wood


This is such a great piece of wood the picture does not come close to showing how great this turned out.

Did you wet sand with 2000 grit and no others?
I have about one more week to wait before my finnish will be cured and I start the rubout. I am considering maybe spraying a couple more coats but it looks pretty good now. I have a nice gloss in my finnish and see reflections good, but I thought maybe some more coats would give me more depth. I was wondering if the final sand and buff brings out depth or just shine?


I started with 2000 on the final rub out but I had an almost glass finish to start with .  Before my last 2 coats I level sand and it with 600 wet/dry and water only.  Then I shoot a couple of flow coats which is mostly thinner and a little bit of lacquer.  At that point it all melts and is as smooth as glass. 

The final rub out adds alot of depth to the finish, additionl coats will not increase the depth.
Will those car polisher work for polishing guitars? I'd get a buffing arbor but they are really heavy... You know those buffer that works a lot like random orbital sanders...
Yes those will work.  I think Fender uses them on their final polish after the buffer.  Do a search on youtube "Building Fender Guitars" and I think you can see them in action.  Do the same search on Gibson and you can see them do a buff.