Routing options for Variax project.


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I am considering building a guitar similar to the " Double-Cut/Variax #2" built by Jeff Miller.

Problem is, I haven't the talent or the tools to build a guitar from scratch. Warmoth to the rescue!

I know Warmoth only offers Strat and Tele Variax models, but is it possible to order the following...

Carved Top LPS or Soloist body with...

H x H pickup routing, flush Mount Floyd Rose bridge routing, and Variax Control (and side-jack) routing.

Thanks in advance.
Sorry, but no.  The Variax routing options are only programmed on the strat and tele models.  However, within the strat and tele options you can do HXH pickup routing with the 500 cavity routing.  The only bridge routing options would be some sort of fixed bridge.  I've received some specs from customers regarding the Variax trem cavity and it sounds like it is a bit shallower than the standard trem cavity.

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That's unfortunate. Oh well, I guess I'll have to source a Variax 500 Rear Control Cavity routing template and router, and do it *gulp* myself.

As for the Trem cavity, if you look at the link to Jeff Miller's guitar in my first post, you'll see that he doesn't use a Variax bridge (Trem)
He used an Original Floyd Rose with Graphtech GHOST (piezo) saddles connected to the Variax circuit. (Pictured below)


Floyd Rose / Graphtech GHOST (piezo) saddles item code PN-8080-00 (Special order item only via phone).

It's not a cheap option (OFR + Ghost Saddles) but I think it is worth it if you want a Floyd Rose and Variax capability.

Thanks for your help and quick reply.
Since Warmoth does custom bodies, could you request a model with a different back template as a custom body?  For example, a VIP body with a Variax routed back similar to:

I guess if they could do it, the question would be how to create the template in the first place for them to cut.
Boobala, if your looking for Variax 500 templates try