routing on showcase bodies


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This is not a suggestion, but actually a question.  Why are so many of the showcase bodies already routed?  When I was picking out items for my build, there were a couple of bodies I looked at that I would have gone with, but unfortunately they already had either pickup or bridge routes that did not match up to what I want to do.  Now, to be fair, my setup is not what you would normally find, and it looks to me that most of the bridge/pickup routes are standard sort of setups.  It just seems like it limits the audience a bit to have those routes already in place. 

Obviously this is not that big of a deal, you just do what I did and custom order exactly what you want.  I just wander how many guys are faced with the "Oh man, that grain! that finish! Its exactly what I want... if they just hadn't routed it for a tremolo!"
100% agree. Although they will re-route anything at no charge, so you can change up the pups if they're under the pickguard for instance. That helps a bit.
I think they have to maintain a balance between showcase orders and custom orders. If the showcase bodies were unrouted most of the orders would be from the showcase. Showcase bodies vary from slightly chepear up to very cheaper, so it means less profit for the company. I would like to see more unrouted bodies, especially for hardware, but nobody can't tell them how to do business.