Rounded Neck Heel Joint


      My only qualm with warmoth is an utter lack of "no's" I get when asking for some fairly typical, albeit modern, body options.  I have small hands, and thus, my finger length is fairly short which is ok for keyboards and advantageous for upper register fretting but even with the contoured heel option, the neck pocket is far too blocky and uncomfortable in the standard strat neck pocket, or square-ish, shape.  this isn't me being anal retentive, this is just physiology.  I'd glad pay extra to have a far more rounded neck pocket (at the point where the neck meets the pocket, where the palm of the hand makes contact).  To me I value this enough to warrant paying more for the option, which understandably, due to dimensions and stability, may be difficult to program a CNC to do, but I fail to see why it simply CANT be done, even if the option were relatively expensive (150-200 would seem reasonable).  also I have to agree with another poster, the recessed bolt heads and maybe metal washers inset into the body are far more attractive than a giant square plate.

      I own 2 custom warmoth soloists, and I paid extra for the 24 sure would be nice to be able to comfortably play them all.  Although my custom Conklin strat has this type of neck joint, they cost 4 grand to have one made since they're made by hand, I just don't see the neck pocket as being worth 2 grand.

      Offset dot inlays would also be nice, where the dots hang off the top edge and function as side dots, too.  With the kind of custom inlays offered already, I'd think this would be easy to setup and auto-route for with a small surcharge like 20 bucks.

      If more of these types of options were made available at a reasonable cost, I'd probably have 3 or 4 more guitars on order  :)
Why don't you just take a sanding block to the outside of the neck block area then use countersunk holes to hold the neck in instead of screws through a neck plate?
yeah i'd say it looks like he did that too.....pretty good too :icon_thumright:  i love the neck joint in my's got a nice, natural contour to it.
TonyFlyingSquirrel said:
Was that a 24 fret neck in standard scale (24 3/4 or 25.5)?

Or was it a Baritone Scale?

Thats not my gitfiddle, but by from the looks of it I'd say it's 25" scale length.