Rosewood Tele Complete

Hey Guys,
I just registered here (am a regular over at TDPRI). I wanted to show off my newly finished Warmoth all Rosewood Tele.

Here are the specs:

Indian rosewood chambered body with bookmatched top and back finished in a flawless clear gloss by Warmoth.
Indian rosewood neck, total vintage, 7.25 radius, slim C profile, 6105 frets - unfinished
Bridge, saddles, control plate, heavy knurled knobs, neck plate - from Callaham Guitars
Pickups - Lindy Fralin vintage Tele  with raised polepieces
Pickguard - B/W/B, 8 hole - Warmoth
Electrosocket jack plate
Tuners - Gotoh Klusons
Electronics - Oak/Grigsby 4 way switch, CTS 250k Pots, Switchcraft jack, Tone has a Sprague Orange Drop .022mfd cap, Volume has a .001mfd cap, cloth covered wire etc...
All cavities and the pickguard are shielded with copper foil

It is an absolute beauty both to look at and to play. I really couldn't be any happier with my first Warmoth build. There will be more... Oh yes....




God I absolutely love that mate! Really really special!

Where abouts in Britain you from? I'm from Preston, Lancs.
Thanks for all the nice comments guys!!

Of all of my 12 guitars - this is by far the best player. I just love the unfinished neck. It sounds amazing too! Am sooooooo happy with it.

Soloshchenko: I'm originally from London, but I've lived in New York for the last 7 years or so...

Thanks again guys!

Period correct knobs and switch tip I see !~

But I just cant get over the Callaham bridge.  Nice bridge.  No better than a Gotoh though in terms of functionality.  The extra two screws seem out of place, and I dont care for the circumcision (removal of the edge).  A good bridge, but I'm more purist.  Just me.

Did you use F tuners?

and welcome BBB, I've seen yah over at the Tele forum too.
Great place also!
Point taken CB - about the bridge, although I find that it gives me a tone that I love. I have that bridge on a couple of other Tele's and although probably not for the strict Telecaster purist - it's a winner as far as I am concerned. It gives a fuller tone with more sustain (IMHO) than lighter more traditional Tele bridge plates. Also, they aren't strictly speaking period correct knobs either... Closer to late 50's ones. For that matter the Warmoth body and neck aren't period correct either. Tuners are Gotoh Klusons. It was never really meant as an exact replica of the famous late 60's Rosewood. More inspired by, but with a couple of tweaks. If I had wanted an exact, period correct Fender rosewood I would have bought one of the custom shop ones.

Again, thanks for the comments guys!


A stunning axe, to be sure. Also the pictures themselves actually do it justice, kudos on the excellent pics as well.
What else is there to say, but that this is knock-em-dead tele.  Harrison's rosewood tele doesn't stand a chance against this guy here!