Rosewood/mahoghany Strat


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Body: Warmoth hollow chambered mahogany body with Indian Rosewood laminate top, all gold hardware, pearloid pickguard, Danish Oil finish

Neck: Warmoth Pro 10/16 mahogany neck with matching Indian Rosewood fretboard, corian nut, 61GD gold frets, Danish Oil finish

Electronics: Fender Custom Shop '54's, vintage wiring with CTS pots, NOS .050 ceramic cap


Cool! And it has a much more 'clean' visual than usual rosewood guitars top (If think they are beautifull, but a little bit "dark visual")
Jack, Very nice, I love a clean looking guitar.  I love the color and texture of the woods. Mahogany looks great and sounds better I bet.

I have become a big fan of Mahogany bodies after my last completed warmoth (pics in the gallery here) the tone of the guitar is full and broad.

One of my future plans is to build a mahogany body and neck, with some big fat heavy strings, tune it down 1/2 step, sit in my rocker with a crown royal. and play whatever feels good.  ( ooh, i just gave myself goosebumps)