Roasted Swamp Ash Tele w/ Black Binding???


I’m looking at doing my first Tele build. I’m thinking of a roasted swamp ash body/top with black binding & a rosewood fretboard. I was just curious if anyone had done the roasted swamp ash with the black binding yet?? I haven’t been able to find any picks online, so I figured someone here might’ve done it before. I’ve found a pic with white binding, but I’m just thinking the black pickguard/binding might look pretty great. Would love to hear y’all’s feedback
I don’t have one, but I think that would look pretty cool. Matte black pickguard, or gloss? I’m not too sure on rosewood, but I think it’ll be analogous with the roasted ash. If I stole your idea, I’d definitely do an ebony fretboard. What shaft woods are you thinking? Roasted maple?

In my mind, I want a roasted ash body with a satin brown burst. I saw a video of one from warmoth and I can’t get it out of my head.
you might look at cream or ivoroid binding to provide a more visible contrast, given how dark the roasted ash gets when finished.