Rio Grande Bass pickups


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I've got a bass playing buddy that's been salivating over the Warmoth guitars I've been building and wants me to build him an over-the-top bass. We'll see when he'll be able to settle between a flame or quilt top and a finish - saw CB's BFG Tele and some other custom bass he found on the web and wanted a blue/black flame job, but then decided it wouldn't match his house decor - I'm pretty sure ALL bass players are terminally weird in some way....

At any rate, looking at doing a Jazz bass PU setup, have been so happy with all the Rio Grande guitar PUs I've used so far was thinking about recommending either a Vintage Jbass neck and Muy Grande bridge or a Muy Grande set; any of you bass players on the boards used these?

He plays a wide variety of music and thought the vintage neck/Muy Grande bridge might make for a lot of versatility sound-wise... Peanut gallery?
you should ask him, i don't like alnico mags my self, but there good for that vintage sound,
does he prefer jazz pups.
at least ask him what type: j, p. mm soapbar, and what magnets he prefers.
if your thinking about RG, get a pitbull in the neck, and a power bucker in the bridge, and split the power bucker.

thats just one idea.
For vintage J tones, I personally don't think you can beat Fralins. The vintage thing isn't my cup of tea, but they do seem to have it sewn up.
I have three jazz basses with Fralins in them.Love those,however I just finished another Jazz.This one has handwound pickups made by a guy named Curtis Novak.I think they are better than the Fralins...A little cheaper too.Check out his website.Just my humble opinion
I've been fitting SDs in all my guitars and most of my basses until the last strat when I used Rio Grandes. Like you Jack I'm very happy with their guitar pickups, especially the tallboy. If that translates across to their bass pickups, and I don't see why not, I reckon they would be excellent. But whichever way you end up going consider a P bass pickup for the neck..........versatility? :headbang1:
I've got a Muy Grande in my P bass and it has a bit more top and a bit more grunt than a Fralin P we tried in a test bass.  Fralin certainly seems to have the vintage vibe going.  You might want to look at the Rio's if you want a bit more bark.

As another alternative, Warmoth can move the bridge pickup back closer to the bridge in more of a '70s position.  This is done by hand so there is a bit of a charge.  Changing the pickup location can get you a bit different tonality too.

He's only ever owned two basses, both Fender Jazz Bass; doesn't play a lot but does a wide range of stuff from jazz to R'n'R which is why my first thought was the vintage neck/Muy Grande bridge for versatility....