Rick's TelePaul


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Built this one for my son-in-law. He really wanted a Les Paul style guitar but with updated features. We settled on the Tele chambered body in Mahogany with a Swamp Ash top in blue burst. The neck is Roasted Maple/Ebony with cream dots and binding. Scahller mini locking tuners and a Gotoh wraparound bridge.



It's got a set of Seymour Duncan 59's with a push-pull pot on the tone control for splitting the coils. That way you can get both the roar of an LP and the spank of a Tele. Great resonance in the body from the chambering as well.
I wish mine was still alive. Also, probably never would've given me a guitar. Though I'm grateful he helped make my wife.

Oh yeah!!!! Nice Guitar!
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Guitar looks great 👍. Since @MikeW didn't mention it, I will: All the binding really ties the guitar together and brings up the classiness!