rg heels and side adjust?


even though warmoth doesn't really condone any do-it-yourself stuff on their guitars (which i think they're required to say), i'm going to try turning a strat neck joint into an rg type one, but i was wondering a couple things..

would the bolts on an rg heel get in the way of the gotoh side adjust mechanism?

if so, can i reposition the bolts to fit it, possibly?

could i sand away at the neck joint, then repaint and refinish that particular area to the original color?

could i sand the back of the neck to fit with the rg heel, then refinish it in that little area?

all help appreciated!
Wow.... maybe, maybe, maybe.  There are lots of things you could try.  You could go with a Vintage Modern design neck and avoid the side adjust mechanism entirely.  The mounting holes could be omitted as well and you could drill as appropriate.

All I can say is good luck with that!