Resonator Telecaster



Home built ash body.  Fender MIM neck.

now i know pretty much nothin about resonators except i like how most look and sound, but i'm assuming that the resonatin thingy is purely for tonal purpose since i didn't see a pickup selector?  and did you have to hollow out the body to install it?
good point jackthehack. looks amazing for photoshop. all of the light reflections and what not. to me it looks like someone would have had to spend considerable effort just to make a joke i dunno though  :dontknow:
It's the real deal.

jwells393 is well known on the Tele forum
as the guy with incredible talent and vision.

Regardless where the wood comes from, his projects
can inspire anyone to explore the OUTER LIMITS of the Tele!

Great work,  jwells393.
A piece of brass and some bare fingers and that thing would sound alright too, I imagine!  Yes, very nice work indeed.