Replacement PU for new '59 Re-issue Melody Maker

An A chord is a pain for beginners, I remember many hours swearing over that one.

Some people will say the finish can affect tone, but personally I doubt it.
If you've got thick fingers and the melody maker neck is skinny like the one I used to own, an A chord can be almost impossible. Just try laying your index finger flat against the D, G, and B strings and trying to miss the high E (or at least don't press it down all the way). That's what I do when feeling lazy. Anyhow we're not going to teach you guitar on a discussion board - you need a real teacher who'll actually play with you, to make good progress. It's also far more fun to play with others. Don't think just because Jimi was self-taught, that's the best way. If you were Jimi-good, you would already be famous.
ha, just to gloat, F was a piece of cake :toothy12:          but changing chords was/is a b!ch. :(
"ha, just to gloat, F was a piece of cake          but changing chords was/is a b!ch. "

is that why you play the bass, Schmoop? LOL

kinda, i tried playing guitar, but it was a bore, so i said hey!  i'll try bass.     
and after three years of the bass, and some daviling in guitar, i finally take the guitar serious, so i've been learning more difficult songs, and chords, and applying the scales i've learned on bass, and mainly kicking ass.

so, yeah, i guess you've hit the nail on the head, and don't be bad mouthing the bass, I am not one to be flexed with (said with mocking insincerity)
no bad-mouthing here dude! I play the bass in my band when our bassist dosnt show up, which is quite often. Most of the time im behind the keyboards and do an occasional guitar thing. Band cant function without bass and it's fun as hell to be the one driving the band.

I'm happy to flex with you, schmoop, as soon as you tell me what it means. Guitarists are a dime a dozen, stick w/ bass and you'll always find bands. Course it's nice to do both. And I still hate the C7 chord!
thanx guys, and flexed with is just my way of sayin messed with.

man, my fingers are so raw its hard to type.
I don't even know how to play a C7  :icon_scratch:  Except as x35353 of course.  Dm is my weak spot, I can't always hit that chord :()
I don't think I could play a dom7 any more. If the song calls for one, I usually play a 9 chord, or I'll only play the 3 and 7, which makes for a dim5th. Two fingers, easy to wiggle. Good enough for Django. Let the bass player worry about the root and 5th.
dbw: C7 x32310. Make a C, put your pinkie on 3rd fret Gstring. Because it's the middle 4 strings it's movable too, it's a nice jazz/blues chord to know.
I broke down and ordered a two pickup melody maker for $299 from musician's friend the other day!  I've been wanting one for a little while and couldn't refuse for the price, my last (only) Gibson was an SG special when I was in college.  Unfortunately I had to sell it a year later when I needed money.  Anyway I'll be interested in hearing the stock pickups, they sound great on Gibson's site.  I found this site and I may order a bridge pickup just cause I love changing things around and trying new sounds.
I got my Melody Maker today and I have to say it's more than what I expected for the money!  The pickups sound really hot!  I could hardly get a clean tone out of it without turning the volume knob almost off!  I don't think I'll be changing pickups very soon!  When I got it out of the box and started playing the strings were not tuned and were very loose.  I tuned up and the action was really nice, fairly low, and no buzzing.  I played for an hour and could not get it to stay in tune.  After about an hour it finally was staying in tune and I realized the action was much higher.  It looks like the neck was not really adjusted from the factory so I'll be playing with that, it definatley needs a setup.  The finish was terrible!  It looks like it's missing a few  coats and the back of the neck is not very fast yet.  I'm really happy and I'd recommend buying one if you have the extra money!
So it's great although the finish is terrible and it's desperately in need of a setup? The good thing is that the pickups are hot? Hmmm, this is not the most effective sales pitch I've ever heard......
Yeah I guess that did sound kind of negative didn't it.  I've owned a lot of guitars that need a little setup, I like my strings real low so that may be part of it.  I got the neck adjusted now and it absolutely rocks!  I was scared about intonation with the fixed bridge but it's right on.  The neck is pure gibson quality, not cheap import bolt on.  Unfortunately I've bought and traded quite a few guitars over the years.  I've had a lot of $300-500 guitars and I can honestly say the melody maker has to be one of the nicest playing in that price range.  It really reminds me of my old American SG.  I recently unloaded my epi les paul and the neck on this melody maker is much nicer.  Let me rephrase, I'd recommend buying one if you want a nice little "second" guitar, and absolutely recommend it for your first guitar or a budget guitar, I think the neck is way better than anything else in it's price range!

Tell that to my old Les Paul Standard which had it's truss rod fall apart a month after I got it (I had made no adjustments, either!!!).  I had it replaced under warranty, just to have the next one's pickups die on me.  Had to wait 3 months for the store to get a new pickup in on the warranty claim.  Sold it on ebay.  Bought a MIM telecaster for $299.  Sold the LP on ebay - who knew what would happen to it next.

I still have the MIM tele as my "beater" to complement my fine Warmoths.

LPs do sound sweet, though - but not as sweet as my Warmoth Mahogany strat with Dunan '59s.

Hot pickups, in my opinion, may sound good for awhile until you've had them long enough to start noticing the subtleties.  Weak pickups let you hear EVERYTHING you play, for better or worse.
I spent all afternoon alone yesterday with my single pu melody maker. It's starting to feel natural in my hands. It's amazing how much it vibrates through that mahogany. Tuning it is getting really easy, too. Sounds wonderful unplugged. For the first time i can feel this thing stating get under my skin a little bit-I think I like it alot. These are my baby steps as I build another worthy addiction.

Maybe its time for lessons?

Lessons are most useful the earlier you start... they'll teach you good technique if nothing else.  You don't want to end up like Tom Morello, playing under your chin, or my friend Scott, who strums at about the 10th fret.