Red Swamp Ash / Maple Strat


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I built this one for a friend of mine in Europe. It is very red and maybe a little 'pimpy' with all the gold, but it turned out really well in person.

It has a Swamp Ash Warmoth Strat body, finished with many many many coats of Woodburst 'Permanent Red' Stain, followed by a couple of coats of Tru Oil.
The Neck is lightly flamed maple, 6105 stainless steel frets,  also given the tru-oil treatment.
One of the great things is the recessed (gotoh) wilkinson, which works great with the LSR roller nut and the Planer Waves Auto trim tuners.
My friend wanted a very high output distortion type HB. After some research I found the Motherbucker, which is cheap, but great value for money!

Even though this guitar has some very standard woods and a cheap humbucker, it really has a personality, and a very unique tone! Plays really great too!
My friend asked for a modern version of a superstrat and I think that we got very close. I hope he likes it :)
as a matter of fact, I am traveling to Europe next week and will hand it to him in person.
It has been ready for about a year, so have been breaking it in for him... I will really miss this one.





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