Quick Demo Of My Swamp Ash/Seymour Duncan Setup On LiveVideo


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This is my most recent project in action.  I put this vid on LiveVideo since their flash uses stereo and I was messing around by doing the split neck+middle 100% on the left channel and full neck (bridge during solo) 100% on the right channel.  I will do a You Tube demo using an amp soon.  There are two video tracks of the actual playing, but I had to try to line them up after making the mp3 of the audio and didn't have enough time to get it synced. 

Swamp ash body, padauk neck, pau ferro fretboard, Seymour Duncan Jazz neck, Seymour Duncan Vintage Rails middle (a humbucker), Seymour Duncan JB trembucker bridge going through a clean present (dirty for the solo) on the amp simulation device (PODxt Live).  The idea for this demo was to get a snappy single coil Strat tone on the left and a fuller clean tone on the right.  The You Tube demo through an amp will make the differences much more apparent.

Can't figure out how to embed this like a You Tube vid so here is the link.

Hey Snouter,  Cool Vid..............nice taste full playing and a great sounding guitar, wish ya woulda showed the solo parts, ....hehheeheheh kinda makes it easier to steal the licks....hahahahah............hope to see more Vids.......... :icon_thumright:
Thanks Tony, bwbass, and Superbeast.  :rock-on: