questions for a Reb Beach Suhr Replica!!!!!!!!!!


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So i am going to try to make a replica of a suhr Reb Beach model guitar to my specs of course (Below) I have some Questions for those who want to share there thoughts...
1) My plan was for a solid mahogany body with a Flame Koa top , i was informed that a chamberd body might be a better way to go any pros and cons to this?
2) I want this guitar to sound as close to the warmth of a paul as i can with the comfort of a strat anything in the specs that might hold this back?
3) Pau Ferro might be to bright for the neck? Not a fan of bright necks..
4) Sorry for all the questions im new to DIY projects.

Strat body :
Mahogany body
Flame Koa top
Contour heel
Clear Satin
“O” input jack
Wilkinson bridge

Mahogany with Pau Ferro fret wood
Clear Satin
Fret : SS6105
Compound radius : 10“-14”
Abalone dots
Sprezel tuner hole 25/64”
Tusq nut
Flame Koa Veneer
Nut width: 1.650”

Hard ware:
Gotoh Wilkinson Bridge
Sprezel locking tuners
Bare Knuckle Pickups:
Nailbomb , Trilogy Suite
5 way selector switch
500k pots



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If you don't want the brightness of a pao ferro neck, but want the raw feel of the original reb beach, you should go for solid rosewood. it sounds warm like mahogany.


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Pau Ferro = Brazilian Rosewood???????  :icon_scratch: :tard: