Quality control issues


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Warmoth quality control issues:

2 out of my 3 bodies this week are blemished, they have a crack paint , runs in one and a fingerprint in one.

I got one email saying they are going at a slower pace for their renowned quality, another email saying their quality control is stringent....

In my scope that's a 67% fail rate. Pretty brutal.

Now understably they think my scope fail percentage is wrong and ignorant of me....but that's what I see, I'm not seeing what else is being bought and sent out.

They offered if I wanted to wait 8 plus weeks more they could try again (I've already been waiting 16 weeks)

But honestly, do I risk it being blemished again, with a 67% possibility it would?

So I choose a discount and accept it with a half hearted apology. ( I had to push for a better discount than offered)

I don't know what's going on with them, but it's almost a gamble in my eyes to get a finished body from them.

Now this is just my experience, I am probably just very unlucky, but it really has sucked the joy knowing I paid good money for an inferior guitar product.

Note: I wish they would have handled it this way:

1)from the beginning, offer a full finish discount knowing a loyal customer has 2 of their 3 bodies blemished.

2) Not suggest that if I want it right, I need to wait in the back of the line and basically wait 2 more months MINIMUM. But instead say it'll be made right within a month.

3)don't basically add the option "or just cancel" , it seems arrogant and lack of caring to make this right. (Note it was almost feeling like a threat, "oh you don't like it, then let's cancel and you get nothing")

4)Take full ownership as a company and not use covid, changing world and high volume as the excuse. In the end, Warmoth's finishing department royally messed up. It might be lack of training, over worked employees, ect.


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Jeremym90 said:
I was checking if anyone else has been having issues where their bodies are blemished with a discount?

So far it's been pretty bad, 2/3 are blemished....so far

Cracks in paint, finger prints in paint and paint runs are the issues.

Update, 1 of the 3 passed quality control. They did refund me the full price of each finish.

To be honest, this situation has sucked all the joy out of me building(which I've been doing for years) and honestly will take awhile to get it back. That's something a refund can't get back to me.
Well at least they made it right!