Push/Push Pots for VIP


I'm getting ready for a Warmoth VIP project. I want to have the PRS control layout and want to use a Warmoth push/push pot to access coil tapping. The only problem is, I understand that the thread lengths of the Warmoth pots are a bit short and I might have to cut some wood away inside the control cavity, something I don't like the sound of! Has anyone tried these pots in a VIP body and had a problem? Does anyone sell quality push/push switches with longer shafts? Also, am I going to have the same problem with a 3 way pickup switch and presumably I'll need  long shaft for the other pot. I'd appreciate any advice.
If you get the standard PRS type pot/switch holes drilled, the push/push pots from Warmoth fit in the factory routed vol/tone holes and do not require any additional rework from the backside. Other pots from other sources may be too short... The standard third "switch" hole is drilled for std. Gibson/PRS 3-way toggle; again the switches on Warmoth DO fit, others may not be long enough.

Will be wiring/finishing my VIP build over weekend as neck should finally be here today.
Thanks for that Jack, that's a relief. Hope the neck arrives today and you have a great weekend putting your axe together.