Push push 500k pot wiring


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Has anyone wired a push push pot to switch between pickups? I'm putting a Dimarzio Chopper in the neck and a Dimarzio Tone Zone into the bridge position of my guitar and want to use the push pot to switch.
Yes I have, they work great. easy to do as well.

I used the 500K offered by warmoth
After I posted that I remembered you did that setup with your Franky. Did you use a wiring diagram or just wing it?
Just winged it sorta,  I usually sketch out a drawing before i wire them up. It's fairly simple, the center contact is a common, so run it to volume input.

Then just wire one pickup to one outter post, and the other to the alternate one. Depending on which Pup you want on for pot in or out.
Just the one volume push/pull pot, or are you adding tone pot(s)? Either way there are diagrams for all variations on the Seymour Duncan site.
I have a real dislike for push/push pots (something quite different than a push/pull pot!) as you never know what position they are in until you push it. ugh!

with a push/pull the knob is up or down - easy to quickly know what I have selected. with a push/push there is no visable clue - it looks the same in both positions.

NO push/push pots for me!

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Skuttle, I dont know what kinda push push pot your using, but the ones I got from warmoth are easy to see what position its in.  It operates like a ballpoint pen.
push it-it pops up, push again- it stays down.

So easy a caveman could do it
Thanks Jack, I'll check out the Duncan site again. I didn't see one before and no I'm not using a tone control.