push pull pots for LP


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Do I need to get long shaft ones or are the ones Warmoth sells OK for an LP with a curved top?
I needed to remove some wood around the hole on the inside of control cavity to get the Push Push pots to go through far enough on a LP carved top. We don't have the Push Pull pots anymore.
I just ordered some from Warmoth - - what is the difference? Or am I just saying what they are wrong?

What did you use to remove the wood?
Use a forstner bit and go slow.  I had to do this on the rotary switch on my rear-routed Strat.

Push-push means you push it down to toggle it, like a stomp box switch.
Haven't done an LP carve top, but have installed the push-push pots from Warmoth with out issues/modification on:

1.) Rear routed Strat
2.) Tele rear routed with LP control routes
3.) Carved top VIP
4.) Flat top VW

You MIGHT see an issue with SOME knobs. If you are using metal Tele type knobs with a set screw they may not work if you try to mount the knob all the way down on the shaft, but if you pull it up from that position just slightly before you tighten the set screw it will work.
edit - replying to dbw

oh so that's kind of weird - then there's no way at any given moment to know what position the switch is in? not sure if I like that.
I wish I had known this two days ago - I could have canceled this order. I think I'd rather get the long push pull pots. I think I'd rather be able to tell if the pot is up or down. That's what I'm used to and it makes more sense to me.
You can very easily tell what position the push-push pots are in; "normal" - the knobs will be at a normal level to the plane of the body "switched" - the knobs pop up about a 1/4" or so. While you DO push it down to toggle it, the knob shaft pops up in response.  Think dbw confused with the way he explained it.
That sounds better. It's not really like a stomp box switch then. Still it seems like a pain the ass that I'll have to remove wood though to get them to fit.
You can definitely tell.  I was concerned about this too.  They pop out about as far as push/pull knobs do.
I had in 2 guitars, 2 push push pots installed, and I did not need to rout something. just fitted perfectly.