Purple burst,,, is there such a thing on warmoth....


so yeah is there any sort of purple burst warmoth do?
as the closest which is purple dye with wider black overburst thing cant be done on the body i want to get as its not got the figured western maple body option, any :help:?
and i live in england btw, so if anyone knows a person that could do such a thing then it would be great to know of such a person, as i dare not do the paint myself... new at building and painting, so going in everything done and just putting it together and wiring it, so any help?
There was one in Showcase, but not sure if it was a custom try or if it's something you can ask for...

A mate from Bare Knuckle Pickups forum bought it... He is from England perhaps you can make an offer... :laughing7:
:eek:ccasion14: but me being the silly fool i am..... forgot to say was a bass i was looking for not guitar, but thanks for telling me about that, just as there custom is out for now it seems, i may have to look into other people 2 do it,