PRS Style body?


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Hi folks,

newbie here. just curious if Warmoth intends to produce PRS style singlecut options? I understand they had produced some PRS style bodies before so will it be done again? I know i'll get it!  :headbang1:

a prs singlecut is basically a LP--which you can obviously get at warmoth. if you want the prs style doublecut, it is called the "VIP" in the warmoth gallery. as far as doing an exact replica of a PRS singlecut, i am not really sure. sorry i couldn't be of more help. good luck!  :)
nope. They cant make em any more. I ordered a routed body blank and cut my own.

thanks folks! figured its about the same with some minute differences on the LP body. thinking of getting the natural flamed top they have on the showcase now with a warmoth neck. close second i guess to my fav singlecut PRS. heh.

brian...hats off to you! can't wait to see the final product! will watch your post!